Welcome To Mini Shikshan Prashikshan (Teaching - Training) Society

Mini Shikshan Prashikshan (Teaching Training) society, Agra is a voluntary society which came into existence in the year 1992-93. The initial idea of starting a society was to contribute a bit to the upgradation of people in surrounding areas, a school was opened to start with. After years of successfully running the school the expectations of our core team & even the people increased. Hence it was decided to go a step further creating a link between Knowledge- Skill & Attitude. We were already imparting knowledge in school, we chose to open a PMKVY centre to cater to the need of developing the right skill & attitude in the youth here, thus making them more employable. In order to be more effective we are even expanding our reach & operations. Hence we will have multiple windows through which we can cater our services to those in need.

Our Vision, Mission & Objective

Our Vision

To work for the establishment of a self-reliant and egalitarian society by providing opportunities to the weaker section of society through community based initiatives.

Our Mission

"To empower the people of the weaker section & establish a self-reliant & sustainable growth in society."

Our Objective

Society's primary objective is to edge & utilize the skills, technique, efforts & expertise of the only skilled people for their better development & growth for the growing India. Our society also undertakes promotion of rural areas and assist them with technical and management support through imparting of specialized skill, information and trainings for administration, organization, manufacturing, production, finance systems, personnel marketing, distribution, storage process, promotion, research and development, diversification & expansion of such organization.Our efforts are to render this service to people, society, body corporate, government department,institution, public or local authority.

Our Goal

Mini Shikshan Prashikshan (Teaching Training) society, guides towards the common goal of overcoming poverty, and ensuring a life of dignity and security for the marginalized populations. We focus on women and girls to enable them to realize their rights, avail resources and opportunities, fight social injustice, develop leadership capabilities and build a better future for themselves by skilling their abilities & capabilities.We will skill people (especially women and girls) by edging and empowering their abilities & capabilities by sourcing Govt. schemes for them which fit best in that scenario. We are going To shape our goals by working with millions of people to help them by meet their health, education and livelihood entitlements.

Mini Montessori Jr. High School