Principal's Message

Education empowers. This is exactly what we do at Mini Montessori Jr. High School. Empower the students to be socially, economically and professionally successful in life. Empower them to be the changing and see them changing. Empower them to be sensitive to their environment with a progressive attitude. As members of the society and the nation, it is our sole responsibility to ensure that each child gets his due right to gain knowledge through education and thus develop into a responsible citizen of our Country in future. It is up to us to build the foundation for him, which will ultimately equip him to judge between the right and the wrong. Mini Montessori Jr. High School believes in lighting every little lamp that walks into its Universe to enkindle the world tomorrow with wisdom and knowledge. Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream, my commitment to the most progressive educational group of North India. To help our students to achieve academic success, we provide what we believe to be the best service and facilities needed for optimum learning atmosphere. We have improvised and added specialized programs along with the main stream curriculums in such a way, that when you complete your studies, in addition to your academic qualifications, you will have practical skill and knowledge to be productive in the managerial cadre from day one. The entire group is committed to provide every possible opportunity to ensure that your time at the campus is intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying.

Mini Montessori Jr. High School