Vision & Mission

Vision : Mini Montessori School is committed to inculcating competitive spirit and deep instinct to excel in academics and activities among the students. We believe in the kind of education where all the efforts are made to enhance and uplift the alround personality of the students.

Mission : To be the most trusted & system driven brand in the chain of schools. Mini Montessori School wishes to be a solution provider to each and every student & their parent. The aim of the school is to provide holistic education; based on Indian culture and tradition. In addition to above the school concentrates more on knowledge-oriented education.

Our Goals & Achievements

Mini Montessori Jr. High School has carved a niche for itself among the various proliferating institutions of today igniting the young minds with the spark of true education as envisioned by its founders, Dr Harish Chandra & Mrs Asha Chandra whose blessings are leading us to more platforms for excellence.

Mini Montessori Jr. High School